Federal Employees Credit Union

FECU offers two Youth Clubs for our members ages 17 and under:


Kirby Kangaroo

Kirby Kangaroo Club

The Kirby Kangaroo Club is for our youngest members from birth up to age 12.

Enrolling your children in the Kirby Kangaroo Club gives them the opportunity to learn the value of saving and spending wisely at a young age. FECU periodically runs contests and account specials that encourage our youngest members to save, and every member will receive a quarterly Kirby Kangaroo Club newsletter packed with educational information, fun games to play and more!

A Kirby Account can be started by a parent or other family member. We simply need the child’s social security number and a minimum opening deposit of $25.00.



CU Succeed Club

CU Succeed is our savings club for teenagers ages 13-17.

The CU Succeed website includes many articles from young adults as well as educational tools that show teens things like how to balance a checkbook and work out a budget. Members also have the opportunity to write and submit articles on the site which could result in cash prizes!

Newsletters are mailed to our CU Succeed members quarterly and we periodically run contests and specials with the CU Succeed accounts.

Check-out the
CU Succeed website!

A CU Succeed Account can be started by a parent or other family member — we simply need his or her social security number and the minimum opening deposit of $25.00.