Federal Employees Credit Union

On this page we welcome your comments and feedback about the website in general. We will monitor this page and respond to each person.

However, if you are having issues logging-in to Online Banking or have questions relating to your individual accounts, please contact us instead.

  • katie

    it isnt clear where you can log-in to your own account. On my computer, it does not show a place to access my account info. This is irritating when I need to know my account info.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bmindzeye Becky Mindzeye

      At the very top left of the page you will see a field that says, “YourCU@Home Logon.” Simply enter your username here (like with the old site), and it will take you to the password page for Online Banking. (Becky Z., on behalf of FECU)

      • http://www.facebook.com/mrjustinrogers Justin Rogers

        Thanks! That was helpful. I like the re-design!

        • http://www.facebook.com/bmindzeye Becky Mindzeye

          You’re welcome!

    • Becky Z., on behalf of FECU

      Katie – the logon area is at the top of the page where it says, “YourCU@Home Logon.” Simply enter your Logon ID and then push the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

  • DSM

    Couldn’t access YourCU@Home via the (broken) link on the home page. Called and was told to go through the Financial Services link then the Online Services and click YourCU@Home link there. Link leads to a page outside the FECU page and it has popups which I hopportunity theave blocked. Used CTRL/click and the CU@Home page opened in another window. Worked okay there. Was also told that Google Chrome worked better than IE so tried that with the same results. Klugie and not intuitive. Needs to be fixed ASAP. This may not go through since I am not signed in to my account and previously that I must be signed in to post a comment here. Since the only place I can enter my login is on the page outside the FECU page it is not recognized. What a mess!

  • garystrank@hotmail.com

    new web sight is not working for home viewing of account. I also do not desire to go outside the web site so someone else is handling my funds.I will be in soon to close the account.

    • Becky Z., on behalf of FECU

      I’m not certain what you mean by “home viewing of accounts.” There are a few times when links go outside of FECU’s website so you can access services FECU has partnered with other vendors to provide, but your accounts are only managed by FECU and their online banking vendor, which did not change. If we can offer more insight, please let us know. We certainly desire to keep your membership!

  • DBG

    Very confusing site. I cannot login and requested temp security code yesterday. I still have not received the email and still cannot login. Frustrating!

    • Becky Z., on behalf of FECU

      This sounds like an issue with online banking. The online banking service did not change with the new site. If you will contact our office, we can assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  • Gary Wignall

    I have been trying to log on to your new website for three days and have not got it done yet. I have gotten two temp ID codes and still not able to log on. I hope you get this mess fixed soon because I am about to close out my account with you.

    • Becky Z., on behalf of FECU

      It sounds like you may be referring to Online Banking (YourCU@Home)
      rather than the website. There were no changes made to Online Banking with the
      redesign, so it should operate just as it did prior to the new website launch. If you click on the red button in the upper left that says
      “Logon to YourCU@Home,” it will take you to the logon page for Online
      Banking where you can enter your username and then security code. If you continue to have issues, please contact us. http://www.fecuiowa.org/about-us/#contact-us

      If you’re referring to something else on the website, please advise. Thank you for your feedback!

  • Gwen Miller

    The online banking leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion….after about 100 attempts to log in perhaps I can make it 1 out of 100 attempts! Surely something can be resolved!! Sooner better than later I would hope. Thanks.

  • Gwen Miller

    Does the FECU really have online banking????

    • becky_z

      Gwen – Members who are trying to access Online Banking via a 4G Hotspot are having issues due to security firewalls. We’re working with our data processor to resolve this issue. Thank you for your feedback!